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Shalli & Nick's wedding day

Photographer : Ed Alexander

Apnabeat were happy to provide the entertainment for this wonderful occasion that took place on 25th March 2018.

We provided the following services:

DJ Music for the ceremony and evening meal

DJ/ Disco Lighting for the disco party

In the afternoon, a traditional Hindu ceremony took place. The groom entered on a White Wedding Horse accompanied by two Dhol Players in traditional outfits.

Guests were served an Indian Breakfast before the ceremony started.

During the ceremony, our DJs controlled the microphone volume for the Hindu priest and played appropriate shennai background music.

After the ceremony, the guests left the room whilst staff worked hard and swiftly to prepare for the evening event. The White LED dance floor was laid out, Disco lighting was set up as well as an amazing DJ sound system.

Venue up lights were also put around to give the venue a stunning blue and purple colour scheme effect.

Dinner was a buffet with a wide selection of Indian and Chinese dishes accompanied by a large selection of desserts.

After dinner and speeches, our DJs played a mix of Bollywood, Bhangra and Chart music. The popular Dhol players also did another explosive set.

It was an extremely enjoyable day, in stunning surroundings, even the weather was complimentary on the day. All the photos on this blog are courtesy of Ed Alexander. You can see the full wedding album here.

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