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Retro Bollywood Vol 2 - out now!

Part 2 of the Retro Bollywood series; classics blended together to take you on a wonderful trip down memory lane. Compiled by DJ Ravi this selection is sure to take you on a reminiscent journey of yester-year. I hope you enjoy listening and if you do, please re share and comment. Also let me know what tracks you would like me to include in future mixtapes of this series.

For something more modern, the Apnabeat 2021 mix CD is out now! Get in contact with us for a physical copy or listen below online!

We're here to keep you guys entertained so connect with us and look out for more music!

Official website:

Phone/bookings: 07958319608




Instagram/ Snapchat/ Twitter: @apnabeat ------------ Event Planning Insta @apnafunctions

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Instagram/Twitter/Facebook @Photobaeofficial

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