Product Description

Guests take a picture with a smartphone, they upload it to Instagram with a hashtag that is unique to your event, the Hashtag Printer prints the image that uses the hashtag onto a beautiful polaroid style photograph which your guests can keep as a lasting memento of your event.

If you are thinking “Is this like a photobooth?” No, its better for a number of reasons. Guests are free to take images of whatever they like, upload and print them. Many things just cannot be captured in a photobooth, for instance a couples first dance, a firework display, a large group picture, with the Hashtag Printer you can print and share anything.  The setup is small so less imposing in a venue. No queuing, people wont be wasting time lining up for a photobooth, just hashtag and pick up the picture throughout the event.

All bookings come with;

  • Unlimited prints within the operation time

  • Custom artwork for your photographs surround

  • Stylish display board for explaining how works

  • Light up tree for displaying the images at your event

  • A friendly attendant who will help people without smartphones/Instagram upload images so nobody misses out.

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